Capsella Newsletter . n. 2 December 2016

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JOIN the CAPSELLA Team at the Digital Social Innovation Fair in Rome next February 2017

The Capsella Team is planning the organisation of a workshop entitled Collaborative Consumption and the Sharing Economy that will focus on Collective Sensing and Action, Collaborative Making, Art and Creativity, Innovation and Internet Science: redesigning Research & Innovation and Public Services based on Collaborative Innovation. We look forward to welcoming you at the Digital Innovation Fair in Rome on February 1st and 2nd 2017. 

Further information will be available on the Capsella website soon, stay tuned!



CERERE - Rinascimento dei cereali in Europa: incorporare la diversità nei sistemi alimentari da agricoltura biologica e a basso input

Grazie alla creazione di una solida rete multi-attore tra le comunità di pratica ed i ricercatori, il progetto CERERE si propone di convalidare, condividere e presentare le migliori pratiche esistenti sull'agrobiodiversità dei cereali e sulla qualità degli alimenti integrandole con i risultati della ricerca.


 CAPSELLA focuses on two complementary domains: agro-biodiversity and the food supply chain, in line with the most recent findings on how diversified agroecological systems are considered to be the alternative toward which both industrial agriculture and subsistence farming can and should evolve.


The aforementioned hot topics were tackled during the two-day meeting organised in the relaxing and warm atmosphere of the Tuscan countryside last May.


DIVERSIFOOD Newsletter #3

What is DIVERSIFOOD all about? Who are the actors involved? And what are the challenges we are facing to promote a new way of thinking agriculture? Find it out watching the “DIVERSIFOOD in pills” video interviews.


Summer is a busy season for agriculture, and DIVERSIFOOD followed the mood. Many farm days and trainings in the field were organized in different countries, summing up the first results of the project. 

Con il primo incontro svoltori ad Atene prende il via il progetto CAPSELLA in cui siamo conivolti insieme con Scuola di Studi Superiori Sant'Anna di Pisa e che opererà sulla agrobiodiversità insieme con attori delle tecnoligie dell'informazione (Information and Communication Technology - ITC)


comunicato stampa del primo incontro