The following survey is part of the ECPGR activity “LINKAGES” which aims at understanding the current interactions and synergies between ex situ institutions and on/farm actors (seed savers, farmers and their associations and networks) in Europe. LINKAGES seeks a better understanding of the extent to which genebank materials are available, useful and accessible to so called “final” or “direct” users, which are here defined as those who do not request and use ex situ materials for formal pre-breeding, breeding or genetic/genomic research purposes, but rather for on-farm conservation, collective field experimentation and local production. To do this, LINKAGES will circulate two surveys, one among genebank curators and the other among on-farm organizations and their individual members (farmers, seed savers, technicians). As genebank manager or curator of a germplasm collection, you are receiving the former survey. Your answers will be instrumental for constructing the scenario from the ex situ standpoint; they will be analysed together with answers from your colleagues around Europe and in parallel to answers from the on-farm survey. Your personal data will be used only for the purposes of the present study or for getting back to you within the study's context. The overall results will be shared, fine-tuned and discussed during a workshop organized in collaboration with European project Diversifood ( in the spring of 2018. Some of the respondents from both the ex situ and on farm worlds will be invited to attend the event.