Updates on Plant Variety Protection

Issue #32, 3 May 2018

1. Editorial

2. Documentary: Seeds: commons or corporate property?

3. Publication: “Towards national and regional seed policies in Africa that recognize and support farmer seed systems”

4. Publication: “Resisting corporate takeover of African seed systems and building farmer managed seed systems for food sovereignty in Africa”

5. Publication: “Seed Sovereignty Struggles in an Emberá-Chamí Community in Colombia.

6. Subscription, Feedback & Contact

Concluso il ciclo di incontro divulgativi-formativi il Progetto Rubra spes entra nella sua ultima e più concreta fase: le prove in campo.

Un ampio calendario di incontri sui campi dimostrativi.

Conventional farming methods are damaging the planet, and it is essential for us to promote varieties and techniques that work with nature, not against it.