How to better embed crop diversity for resilient sustainable food systems?

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Bruxelles 11th April 2018

A patent on the breeding of maize will not be granted

17 January 2018 / At a public hearing, the European Patent Office (EPO) today rejected an appeal filed by Syngenta. The company wanted the EPO to grant a patent on the breeding of higher-yield maize plants (EP2121982). At the same time, Syngenta also wanted the EPO to abolish existing restrictions in the field of plant and animal breeding that have only recently been put in place. The EPO also rejected this attempt.

Nell’ultimo rapporto della coalizione "No patents on seeds" si denuncia la prassi dell’Ufficio brevetti europeo (EPO) che continua a rilasciare brevetti per piante selezionate in maniera convenzionale, benché nel 2017 sia stato inasprito il regolamento. Nell’ultimo anno sono stati rilasciati 25 brevetti riguardanti insalate, cipolle, pomodori, patate, cetrioli, uva, girasoli, sorgo, soja.